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May 21 2018

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this is the most underrated part of rockin’ and rollin’ yoda

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Acker - Blood and Guts in High School

i liiiieedddd there’s never enough alcohol for this stupid movie 

sadly, watching the hateful eight was a good idea. watching it w alcohol is even better.

every movie i want to watch is from the Weinstein company

May 20 2018



there was nothing else. only
that we knew nothing of flesh or of bodies.
the best we could do was still painful,  
and gentle. it’s foul to be quiet this way. so i give
myself a louder mourning period. where there are girls,
there is a natural cause for life. and the sky bent
at the waist. this air symptomatic of violence.
in a room with four soft walls
we grieved. and we hated each other and so 
we couldn’t leave it alone. i took off your shoes.
we laid down in your bed. this is the last time
for these acts of fear. i’m not trying to be scared.
it’s just how i was raised. i like to think of us
as language. or not. likely, just a pair of drunken commas
curled into each other
once. maybe twice

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- Michelle McNamara, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark

unrelated to anything today but one day me or someone should write about the ways that balletic pas de deux communicate either sex or fighting bc there’s a very specific vocab that pretty much directly translates into ordinary human

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Please reblog.

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adam parrish smonked weed and made this






mine craft seems like a good thing for youngsters actually. it’s creative and non violent and social to a degree. do they do a good job making sure it is safe

The whole thing is actually a pyramid scheme unfortunately. The creator was looking for a way to exploit children to mine bitcoins, real sick fucker

I wish we could have normal crimes again

so even though i know that people don’t actually care this much, this fact is a little true! but fundamentally false! Gather around, gals and pals, for the story of how minecraft was inadvertently used to power the biggest DDOS attack in history (under the cut, because this is quite the long story!)

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Wow I was ready to get rick rolled when I clicked that but it was actually a really good read


sometimes……….not letting a franchise die at its natural conclusion………………..is worse


You don’t have to know what your sexuality is. You don’t have to know what your gender is. There isn’t a test that you need to prepare for. Sometimes these things are confusing and the only answers you have are “not straight / cis.” Don’t beat yourself up over not knowing.

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Atonement (2007) dir. Joe Wright  

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Can’t wait for Hozier to return and put his big bad bitch of the forest foot back down on ed sheerans windpipe

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Good morning! I’m salty.

I think we, as a general community, need to start taking this little moment more seriously.

This, right here? This is asking for consent. It’s a legal necessity, yes, but it is also you, the reader, actively consenting to see adult content; and in doing so, saying that you are of an age to see it, and that you’re emotionally capable of handling it.

You find the content you find behind this warning disgusting, horrifying, upsetting, triggering? You consented. You said you could handle it, and you were able to back out at any time. You take responsibility for yourself when you click through this, and so long as the creator used warnings and tags correctly, you bear full responsibility for its impact on you.

“Children are going to lie about their age” is probably true, but that’s the problem of them and the people who are responsible for them, not the people that they lie to.

If you’re not prepared to see adult content, created by and for adults, don’t fucking click through this. And if you do, for all that’s holy, don’t blame anyone else for it.



Tumblr has a new setting to turn off

General settings > privacy > better recommendations (uses your search history to show you more posts)

OP posted this May 19th 2018 so it really is some new nonsense staff has come up with!

Here’s a direct link for people on desktop! https://www.tumblr.com/settings/privacy

Mod Party Cat!

Watched the wedding w the fam and…they keep saying how Harry’s the commonwealth youth ambassador like its this huge deal and not the royalty equivalent of being relegated to youth pastor

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