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February 08 2018

me: i’m going to bed by 10!!

its 11:12 now

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idkkkk im sick of doing hw all the time and also sick of like, being hungry. my brain is not a v space space for me rn. shit. 


i’m gonna start explaining intertextuality to my kids using memes

the thing is, intertextuality assumes that you know the source material and will get some sort of meaning from the borrowed text. this is the same way memes work. a meme can be altered, abstracted, or even combined with other memes, but if you don’t know the source meme, most of it probably doesn’t make any sense. some memes are funny on their own and you can still understand them, but if you don’t know the origin of others, you probably won’t have any idea what’s going on at all. take, for example, this one:


this is a great example because it combines both of these concepts. all of these individual images (aside from the actual connect four screenshot) are hilarious in some way or another; you can appreciate how absurd they are on their own. if you’re not familiar with the source, you can still laugh at it, even if you don’t get why all four of them are together. however, it becomes infinitely funnier once you realize that this image is a parody of this:


and you can tell this by people’s reactions as well. once someone looks at the connect four image and their brain slowly connects (heh) the dots, doubtlessly their reaction is somewhere along the lines of oh my god it’s a fucking loss joke. you can appreciate each connect four parody on its own, but none of that compares to the incredulity and delight of recognizing what the reference is. you can even take this a step further by saying that loss on its own is not particularly funny- in fact, it’s sad, even though it’s not a very good portrayal of a heartbreaking event in a character’s life. what makes loss funny is the context in which it’s written- i.e., that it’s written by an utter asshat for his shitty joke-a-day video game comic and he wrote in his description of it that women who miscarry need to move on. thus, to get the full meaning out of the connect four joke, you not only need to understand that it’s a parody of loss, you also need to understand why loss is funny in the first place

the same principles work for intertextuality. take, for example, this quote from vergil’s aeneid, in which the titular character aeneas finds his ex-lover dido in the underworld and realizes that she’s dead because he abandoned her:


which is a fine quote on its own. but it becomes even better when you realize that the latin of this line is almost an exact quote of a poem from catullus in which a lock of hair laments that it was cut off from queen berenice’s head in the hopes that doing so would keep her husband safe:


which becomes even better when you realize that this catullus poem is actually based off an earlier poem by a guy named callimachus, which is effectively how some memes work; sometimes you not only need to know the original source, you need to know another specific meme based on that source in order to get the full meaning from things even if you could theoretically get away with not knowing the sources at all. you could just read the line from vergil and understand what he’s talking about. but when you realize that vergil is borrowing from an older poet, you give more meaning to what vergil is saying, because a reader who knows the source material will apply the context of the source material to the poem referencing it, which can color and even change entirely how they interpret the poem- much like how knowing loss.jpg completely changes the meaning of those four connect four images

tl;dr: memes and intertextuality are pretty similar in how they work and that’s not only a great teaching tool but it’s also hilarious to just refer to intertexuality as literary memes

February 07 2018

Kinda hungry but like, food sounds god awful rn

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Is that the lesson you want to teach them?

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Mood board for the fbi agent that watches me


You guys, as a US labor historian, let me tell you: It is actually very significant that US union membership actually increased in 2017. Like it probably won’t get huge play on the major media outlets, but that is a big fucking deal. That hasn’t happened to any significant degree since the 1970s. Unions have pretty much only declined since 1976. But unions added over 200,000 members last year, most of whom were under 35. That is a massive deal. That is building people power. That is a huge reason to be optimistic.

Keep it going. Join a fucking union y’all. iww.org







If you’re one of those people who thinks executive dysfunction only happens for things we don’t like (school, cleaning,) then please consider the fact that I’ve been meaning to plug my phone in for 20 minutes and I’m now at 2% and still putting it off to write this post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My anime/video game list consists of over 100 titles, easily, and yet I almost never get around to watching/playing any of them.

Executive dysfunction is not just for boring or unenjoyable things. It’s for everything. Even eating.

What is executive dysfunction? O.o

Put simply, it’s difficulty/inability with initiating tasks. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for executive functions, like decision-making and impulse control. People with ADHD and other neurological disorders that affect the prefrontal cortex often experience difficulty making decisions and performing tasks, as well as exercising self restraint. Part of why people with ADHD tend to procrastinate so badly is out of genuine inability to begin tasks, even if they’re very important.

It feels, for me at least, like I’m constantly waiting for something and I can’t start X task because I’m waiting. I never know what exactly I’m waiting for, but that doesn’t stop me from wasting hours and days not doing the things I need to do, even if I have a desire to do them.

It feels, for me at least, like I’m constantly waiting for something and I can’t start X task because I’m waiting. I never know what exactly I’m waiting for, but that doesn’t stop me from wasting hours and days not doing the things I need to do, even if I have a desire to do them.

Oh thank god, someone put it into words.

For me it’s also waiting for the “right” time to come to complete the task because for some reason my brain thinks doing the task at any other time is horribly, horribly wrong, weird, and out of order. The “right” time might come eventually, might not. It’s a lottery.

Yeah.  This.

February 06 2018

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i feel terrible and im trying rly hard to remember that this doesn’t mean im terrible or that things are terrible. i just need to sleep. which i will do at 10pm when i get home. i get to sleep in tomorrow. it will be ok. 

also, trying really hard to push this grace/listening/multiple perspectives thing because a, i talk too fucking much, b, im not very nice but i want to be, and c, im so sick and tired of binary thinking, it gets no one anywhere. 

see the problem w tumblr style discourse is that those ppl then show up in ur 20th century dance history class and then thats just a mess



what’s the mood for february?

January, but this time it’s personal.


edit: hahahhaaaaaa i queued this, for god knows what reason, probably bc i was exhausted




atla has the clearest demonstration of the emo/goth dichotomy of any piece of modern media, i think. we as an audience know that zuko and mai shouldn’t have ended up together, and this is because zuko (an emo) and mai (a goth) are so fundamentally different. in this essay, i will address th

While it is tempting to categorize Zuko as an emo, careful analysis reveals that he is actually a punk. While his constant angst is a symptom of an emo like nature, his lust for justice/ honor, his angry outbursts, and his teenage rebellion are far more in line with the subculture of punk. In my response, I will address th

Attempts by previous scholars to solidly categorize Zuko into either the emo or punk category are doomed to failure because they presuppose a sub-cultural dichotomy where none exists (though I do not debate that Mai is 100% goth). Instead, Zuko inhabits the emo-punk spectrum, with occasional forays into Fucking Nerd. Zuko’s character arc in ATLA can, in fact, be analyzed as the evolution of an Emo into a Punk through personal and external acceptance and love. In my analysis, I will explain how Zuko’s hair is symbolic of th

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“So, maybe I’m a prophet. Not me, alone, all of us, the ones who’re dying now. Maybe the virus is the prophecy? Be still. Maybe the world has driven God from Heaven. Because I do believe that, over and over, I’ve seen the end of things. And having seen, I’m going blind, as prophets do. Right? It makes a certain sense to me.”

Angels in America: Perestroika, Act 2, Scene 2

Millenials don’t believe in democracy because we have never experienced it. In the United States, Democracy was repealed in 1976 with the Buckley v. Valeo Supreme Court decision. This contended that giving money to political parties was “free speech” and could not be infringed. In the stroke of a pen, American Democracy was dead and replaced with plutocracy. The ability to vote can be powerful, but not nearly as powerful as the ability to bribe, and this decision legalized bribery and called it “campaign contributions”.

Since then, virtually none of the after-inflation economic gains have been shared by Americans who are not high-earners and opinions of voters have had zero effect on policy. By contrast, opinions of donors have a very high correlation.

Democracy has been dead since before any millennial was born, and every year the corpse that bears its name redistributes more wealth from the middle and lower classes to the corrupt. Can you blame us for disdaining a system that has done nothing but steal from us?

— Justin Flynn (via sosungalittleclodofclay)
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René Gruau

February 05 2018

suddenly feeling really bad


Soft as Silk,
Sweet as honey,
Dumb as shit,
I ain’t got no money

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I had fun doing Byzantine Costis, so I did a Hellenistic Gen (not the art style, just the color palette and mosaic-ish look). 

Hopefully, I’ll do more with other characters.

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